Quick Nutrition Facts About Nectarines

Noshing a cold whole crisp red nectarine is pleasing.  I would like to share some facts I’ve read about this fruit. The Nectarine The word ‘nectarine’ means sweet as nectar.  Nectarines belong to the same species as peaches and have smooth skin.  The nectarine is closely related to the peach.  It’s sweeter than the peach … Continue reading

Quick Detailed Nikon Camera D60 Self-timer Instructions

Introduction I wanted to use the self-timer feature on my Nikon D60.  I needed to learn how to configure it and I didn’t have my manual handy so I decided to google the instructions on how to configure and use the self-timer feature from the web.  I found instructions in the Nikon website’s forum page, … Continue reading

A Basic Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Recipe

I like my chicken breast baked just so where the outside part is crispy and the inside part is tender.  I prefer my vegetables heated until crisp tender.  I like to use well-known recognized food brands that I trust so I’ll mention them here.  You may substitute my favorite brands with your favorite choice. The … Continue reading

Bean to Coffee in 13 Minutes using a French Press

Brewing my coffee takes about 13 minutes of my time. The following is what you will need to quickly brew your coffee: 2 tablespoon scoop 16 oz coffee tumbler a dash or two of ground cinnamon (optional) a tablespoon of evaporated or powdered milk (optional) an electric coffee grinder filtered water 34 oz french press … Continue reading